Ashmita Bohara

Everybody Struggle

In the path of learning, there is always a Struggle. Trying to do something new, try to experience something out of your comfort zone is always a hard thing to do. I never thought I would get this chance to be part of the Outreachy internship and will be working on the Jaeger project. But look I am here, continuing my internship. Personally, communication is the hardest part when I look back but after the contribution period with all the guidance and feedback from the mentor and other contributors, it’s easy for me to ask for help whenever I get stuck.

For my internship, I am working on a Jupyter notebook for Jeager Tracing. Initially, I was really confused about where I am going to get the good dataset as it’s the main part of the project. I searched for all the previous work done in this area and tried to figure out myself to generate the dataset. But after all the research also, I couldn’t get a conclusion. Then on my first meeting with my mentor(Juraci), I shared my struggle with him and he gave me a brief idea about what can be done. He suggested me to run some demo application(BookInfo) and try generating the traces from there. Running BookInfo is another struggle. It took me 2 whole days just to run it. When I tried to run BookInfo, I came across Kubernetes which is a new term for me. Then I started to see videos and documentation about the Kubernetes and got some ideas so that I can run BookInfo.