Ashmita Bohara

Hello World!

Introducing Myself

About me

I am Ashmita from Nepal. I finished my undergraduate in Computer Science and just completed my Master’s degree in Data Science from Macquarie University, Sydney. I am starting my career with this internship opportunity with Jaeger community in CNCF. I will be working on Jupyter Notebook as a part of the Outreachy Internship to explore the traces generated and find insights in them. I am truly excited to be a part of this huge community and looking forward to learning and contributing to it.

I believe Core Values play a vital role in everyone’s life. I feel they direct a way in which a person leads his life. To be precise, personal freedom, adventure, and contribution are a few of those core values I believe in.

  • Personal Freedom: Everybody has their own way of understanding life and their own pace of living it. I strongly believe that no one can possibly take responsibility to direct anyone’s life in a certain direction, invading their personal space, even if they mean it on the right terms. All of the mistakes have to be theirs and the same with happiness. I want to be responsible for all the choices I make in life.

  • Adventure: I have always had an adventurous side to me. Challenges excite me and it is my persistence in outgrowing my limitations that made me grow. I truly believe that learning is key to my happiness as it gives me a sense of improvement within myself. I want a better version of myself every next day. At times, adventure might be going for a trek. While other times it could be writing a small piece of code. I actively choose my adventure everyday and as of now, Outreachy is my new adventure.

  • Contribution: I personally feel that an ideal life has to be a meaningful one. Everyone finds their meaning in many different things. I believe Contribution is one of the major things I want. It can be as small as just listening or it can be as great as contributing to open source. Contribution to any small work in any way gives me inner peace and fuels me with the urge to strive for more. As of now, I want to gain more knowledge and want to be able to pass my acquired knowledge onto others. When I was a freshman in Computer Science degree I was lost, had no clue how to carry on with the journey I had chosen for myself; I was not comfortable with the language of computer and always felt like giving up. However, with the help of all the contributors in this field and their stories, I have backed myself with enough confidence and knowledge to continue. While their stories have inspired my professional career, I also want to be a part of someone’s story of learning.

How I applied for Outreachy

Last year, when I was in the first year of my Master’s, I heard about Outreachy from a friend of mine. I delved into it and found out that it would be a great platform for a university student to get industry level exposure. What actually Outreachy is? Outreachy provides three months long remote internships with experienced mentors from open source communities.

I gathered possible information and the experience through all the blogs written by the past Outreachy intern. I wasn’t so confident to apply for this chance but I convinced myself to do so. But being a student due to time commitment I couldn’t make it in my application last year. I made my mind to apply this year and continued working towards it.

My main motivation behind applying for the Outreachy is learning. I know that this platform is a great way to start a new journey. Likewise, Open Source was something novel for me until now. Every day has been a learning experience just starting from the contribution period. Getting help and feedback from mentors all around the globe keeps me motivated to do more.

What am I expecting from this Internship

First and foremost, I am looking to work with the Jaeger community, learning and helping others throughout the process. I want to build something which will be useful for Jaeger users and won’t die once my internship gets over. I am pretty sure throughout the internship, I will get various opportunities to interact with mentors and learn various skills like how to tackle a problem which one has never worked on. Last but not least, I want to become a better programmer.